The economical beginner’s choice

These presses are equipped with solid steel rollers, adequate for intaglio printing.

Rollers are supported by oversized, maintenance-free bushings.

The large gear reduction ratio provides easy and smooth printing. The driving gear is mounted on the lower roller.

The bed plate is made of 6cm high strength steel.

It is supported and guided by roller bearings and has elastic stops at the ends.

Press has 4 mounting holes, so it can be fixed on a bench or table.

Pressure gauges, with 0.1mm accuracy, provide ease of height adjustment when using different materials.

Maximum opening: 4cm.

Upper Roller Diameter cm (inch)9.8 (3.9)9.8 (3.9)9.8 (3.9)
Lower Roller Diameter cm (inch)7.8 (3.1)7.8 (3.1)7.8 (3.1)
Bed Plate Thickness mm (inch)6 (0.23)6 (0.23)6 (0.23)
Bed Plate Width cm (inch)37 (14.6)52 (20.5)72 (28.3)
Bed Plate Travel cm (inch)62 (24.4)82 (32.3)112 (44.1)
Max Opening cm (inch)4 (1.6)4 (1.6)4 (1.6)
Weight approx. kgr (lbs)90 (198.4)120 (265)165 (364)

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